180 cm Tow Bar

Tow Bar

G.W : 23.5 KGS

N.W : 22 KGS

Qty : 6 sets

Product size : 180 cm

Package size : 68*20*18 cm

SKU: 160143. Category: .

Tow Bar Introduction :160143-Tow-bar

Tow Bar Specifications : 

Product name :Tow Bar

SKU : 160144

Product size : 180 cm

Package size : 68*20*18 cm

Qty : 6 sets

G.W / N.W : 23.5 KGS / 22 KGS

Tow Bar Descriptions :
When you walk down the street , you must have seen one car is towing another car through a piece of string or tow bar . Tow Bar is a tool for the car to drag the car . You will never expected what will happened . With the development of the society , almost family have their own car . In our daily living travel , the car maybe can not run because of  some accidents . For example , the loss of the capacity of accumulator jar , the replace for tire , the lack of the oil , the high water temperature of the car and so on , all of these situations will result the car can not run . And these problems normally happened without omen . Good watch prevents misfortune . So in order to avoid these accidents , prepare the tow bar in advance is very necessary . You can carry it in your car . If you are in the place do not have the repair station and your car get stuck or any problem , you can call your friend to help you by the tow bar to save  huge amount for towing .

Tow Bar Superiority :
The tow bar of our company use high quality material , which no decoupling and do not break . It can be adjust . And the exquisite clips can button the steel hook tightly . In addition , our products can also prevent the slip and very durable . As you can see in the picture , it does not need large space , you can put it into your car . It can be carried very convenient . Of course , the usage is very easy . This kind of tow bar is a necessary tool when you  go out . Why are you hesitate ?



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