161165-hydraulic floor jack
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Hydraulic Floor Jack

1. Capacity: 1 ton, 1.25 ton, 2 ton and so on
2. Min. Height: 125 mm, 130 mm, 135 mm, 133 mm and so on
3. Lifting Height: 175 mm, 254 mm, 340 mm, 360 mm, 385 mm and so on
4. Max. Height: 300 mm, 385 mm, 532 mm, 460 mm, 495 mm and so on.
5. N.W: 6.5 KGS, 11.5 KGS, 16 KGS, 22 KGS and so on.
6. G.W: 7.0 KGS, 12 KGS, 18KGS, 23KGS and so on.
7. Package: Color box, Blow case
8. Qty: Depends on the volume and weight of the jack.
9. Meas.: 43*21*13.5 cm, 55.5*20*16.5 cm, 56*21.5*17 cm, 68*38*20 cm and so on.

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The Hydraulic Floor Jack Introduction:

The Hydraulic Floor Jack Specifications:161165-2-hydraulic floor jack

1. Capacity: 1 ton
2. Min. Height: 125 mm
3. Lifting Height: 175 mm
4. Max. Height: 300 mm
5. N.W: 6.5 KGS
6. G.W: 7.0 KGS
7. Package: Color box
8. Qty: 1 pc/ctn
9. Meas.: 43*21*13.5 cm

1. Capacity: 3 ton
2. Min. Height: 135 mm
3. Lifting Height: 360 mm
4. Max. Height: 495 mm
161166-2-hydraulic floor jack5. N.W: 35 KGS
6. G.W: 36 KGS
7. Package: Color box
8. Qty: 1 pc/ctn
9. Meas.: 68*38*20 cm

1. Capacity: 3 ton
2. Min. Height: 135 mm
3. Lifting Height: 385 mm
4. Max. Height: 520 mm
5. N.W: 36 KGS
6. G.W: 37 KGS
7. Package: Color box
8. Qty: 1 pc/ctn
9. Meas.: 77*39*21 cm

161167-2-hydraulic floor jackThe information about the above mentioned hydraulic floor jack are for you reference. We also have many other kinds of hydraulic floor jack. If you need it , contact me and I will recommend the suitable hydraulic floor jack to you according to your situation.

The hydraulic floor jack description:

The hydraulic floor jack belongs to hydraulic jack. The working principle of it is the same as hydraulic jack. However, it is the type of  horizontal. It is different from the hydraulic bottle jack. As we can see, the supporting point of the hydraulic floor jack is tray. The tray of our products is safety and stable. And we have designed a handle for some kinds of hydraulic floor jack. It can help you to carry them easily. In addition, two wheels of our hydraulic floor jack is universal. Thus you can move it easily. Besides, the compression bar of our hydraulic floor jack is very long and thick, you will use it to save both time and labour. However, you have to notice that you can not work under the car when the car just hold by the hydraulic floor jack. It is very dangerous. In order to avoid any dangerous may caused by the incorrect operation, you must read the instruction book carefully before you use it.

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