161280-hydraulic toe jack

Hydraulic toe jack

1. Capacity: 10 ton, 20 ton, 30 ton, 50 ton can be choosed arrording to your need.
2. Toe-life capacity: 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 25 mm
3. Stroke: 147 mm, 152 mm, 155 mm
4. Coll.Height: 282 mm, 310 mm, 330 mm, 370 mm
5. Ext. Height: 387 mm, 462 mm, 485 mm, 525 mm
6. Height: 22 mm, 25 mm, 28 mm, 40 mm
7. Toe-life base lixwi: 98*55 mm, 123*63 mm, 149*60 mm, 190*75 mm
8. Weight: 20 KGS, 31 KGS, 42 KGS, 85 KGS

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The hydraulic toe jack introduction:

The hydraulic  toe jack specifications:161280-hydraulic toe jack

1. Capacity: 10 ton
2. Toe-life capacity: 5 mm
3. Stroke: 147 mm
4. Coll.Height: 282 mm
5. Ext. Height: 387 mm
6. Height: 22 mm
7. Toe-life base lixwi: 98*55 mm
8. Weight: 20 KGS

1. Capacity: 20 ton
2. Toe-life capacity: 10 mm
3. Stroke: 152 mm
4. Coll.Height: 310 mm
5. Ext. Height: 462 mm
6. Height: 25 mm
7. Toe-life base lixwi: 123*63 mm
8. Weight: 31 KGS

1. Capacity: 30 ton, 50 ton
2. Toe-life capacity: 15 mm, 25 mm
3. Stroke: 155 mm
4. Coll.Height: 330 mm, 370 mm
5. Ext. Height: 485 mm, 525 mm
6. Height: 28 mm, 40 mm
7. Toe-life base lixwi: 149*60 mm, 190*75 mm
8. Weight: 42 KGS, 85 KGS

The hydraulic toe jack description:
The hydraulic toe jack is also called manual hydraulic cylinder with toe-lift. Different from the normal jack, the capacity of this kind of hydraulic toe jack is much larger than the normal. Normally, the capacity of the claw type jack is almost 10 to 50 ton. It is widely used in our daily life to lift the objects, such as the automobile industry, foundry machinery, transportation industry and so on. It has a lot of advantages. First, the toe of the hydraulic toe jack is an integral forming, so it it very firm and durable. Second, as you can see in the picture, we have designed the handle for our hydraulic toe jack. Thus you can carry it with you very convenient. Besides, all the materials of our hydraulic toe jack are high in quality, they have the function to anti corruption. So it is also extend the working life of our jack. And the device of the bold spring can also extend the working lift of it.  In addition, the chassis of our products are inspissate. It can help  the hydraulic toe jack works more steadily. But you have to use the hydraulic toe jack on the hard ground placidly. Otherwise, the objects maybe skew during the process of jack-up and it may cause the dangerous. The hydraulic toe jack can be use in the narrow space. It is top popular in our life since its a large number of advantages.

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