Metal Oil Drain Pan

Product name : Collecting Oil Pan

G.W/N.W : 19 KGS / 17.5 KGS

Package size : 43*40*52.5 cm

Qty : 10 pcs

SKU: 160141. Category: .

Metal Oil Drain Pan Introduction : 160141-metal-oil-drain-pan

Metal Oil Drain  Pan Description : 

Product name : Collecting Oil Pan

Sku : 160141

G.W : 19 KGS

N.W : 17.5 KGS

Package size : 43*40*52.5 cm

Qty : 10 pcs

Metal Oil Drain Pan Superiority :

%e6%b2%b9%e7%9b%98%e4%bc%98%e7%82%b9Metal oil drain pan is a necessary tool for the maintenance of the car . As you can see as the picture , the appearance of our products are very elegant and beautiful . It is made of high quality , new and superior material instead of waste material or old material . Metal oil drain is used to pick the waste engine oil up . It can be used very convenient . In addition , metal oil drain of our company is very firm . You can turn the metal oil drain and stand on it , it will give you a surprise . You will find our metal oil drain will not have any distortion . Actually , our products can afford heavy things and it won’t out of shape . As you can see in the picture , our products use the reinforcing design , it can improve the ability to afford the weight . In addition , metal oil drain of our company have a strong ability to prevent the corrosion . It means you do not worry the problem about rust . In other words , the metal oil drain have a super long life . If  the metal oil drain pan do not have serious damage , you can use it for a long time . You need not to change the collecting oil pan frequently . In a short word , the metal oil drain pan of our company are high in quality  and good in appearance . And it have a strong bearing capacity and an ability to prevent the products get rusty . So choose us means to choose the best quality . Besides , we also provide competitive price with our customers .


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