Hand Tools

Hand tools are very common because they can be seen everywhere in our daily life, however, they are also necessary for the people. Words here, what is hand tools?
Definition: Hand tools are the tools that manual operation, for example, the pliers, the spanners, the scissors and so on.
Classify: According to the application, hand tools can be divided into the following categories: Wrench, Pliers, Screwdriver, Tape, Hammer, Sleeve, Cutting tools, Scissors, Set tools and Auxiliary. Each of these categories are of different models.
1.The hand tools are often used under the special environment, such as the Inflammable and explosive. When you use the hand tools, you have to prevent the hurt that the tools may bring your injury. In order to avoid the hurt, you have to avoid the following mistake. First, you have to learn that what kind of hand tools are suitable for your work. If you use the improper tools to work, it is easy to cause an accident. Second, you have to maintain the tools according to the requirements to make the hand tools to maintain a good condition. Compared with the machine, the accident caused by hand tools are more than caused by machine, because people always neglect the use of hand tools. So, you can see it is important to maintenance the hand tools. But, how to maintenance the hand tools? I will introduce the ways to you.
1. Please inspect and maintenance for the hand tools regular.
2. You should have the inspection and maintenance record card for the hand tools, and you have to record all the data about the maintenance. You have to find the malfunction routine and repair it in time when you find the problem.
3. Must maintenance the hand tools even though you use it less. And you have to use the tools in the correct way. Otherwise, the hand tools will be easily destroyed. Before you use it, please realize the proper method of the usage.
4. The broken hand tools or the tools which achieve the life are forbidden to use. Please note that you mustn’t damage the original design of the products.
Third, please choose the hand tools that be made of good quality material. Of course, you can be rest assured that our products are made of good quality material. Fourth, please check the hand tools every time before you use it to avoid the accident. Fifth, you have to have full knowledge of the hand tools. It means you have to realize which way is the correct way to use it instead of wrong way. Sixth, please put the hand tools in a certain place. If you put it into an improper place, it may cause damage to the hand tools and influence service life. Seventh, you must wear appropriate protective equipment to protect yourself before your work. Eighth, please choose the standard tools or required tools so that to reduce the risk of the damage.
Even though the hand tools are common in the life, we still should not ignore the usage of it in order to avoid the hurt it may bring to you. Using the right hand tools in the right way , it can protect your safety very well.