Ball joint splitter

Qty: 20 pcs/ ctn, 50 pcs/ctn
Material: Chrome-molybdenum steel
Drop forged
Packing size: Depends on the products.

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Ball joint splitter introduction:

Ball joint splitter specifications:160030-2-Ball joint splitter

SKU: 160030
Qty: 20 pcs/ ctn
Carton size: 38*17.5*19 cm
N.W: 23 kg
G.W: 23.5 kg

SKU: 160031
Qty: 50 pcs/ ctn
Carton size: 26*24*21 cm
N.W: 22 kg
G.W: 23 kg

SKU: 160032
Qty: 20 pcs/ ctn
160031-2-Ball joint splitterCarton size: 38*17.5*19 cm
N.W: 23 kg
G.W: 23.5 kg

Ball joint splitter description:
The ball joint splitter is used to disassembly the tie road joint. The tie road joint is also a very important part of the car. When you drive on the road, you find the problem about the orientation deviation of running, it means the tie road joint of your car may has the problems. And the problem of it may cause any other problems. For example, it may causes the shake of steering wheel. In severe cases, the tie road joint may fall off and causes the wheel fall off by broach flashily. The ball joint splitter can help you to disassembly the tie road joint professional.

160032-2-ball joint splitterBall joint splitter advantages:
 The ball joint splitter of our company is made of chrome molybdenum steel. This kind of material are high in strength. Besides, it also has high fatigue limit and strong capability of resisting impact. So it means the 160032-2-ball joint separatorball joint splitter of our company are also high in strength. And we also surface treatment for our products. We have make chrome plated for some kinds of ball joint splitter and make gray phosphate surface for some kinds of products. It will makes the strength of our products higher. If you buy our ball joint splitter, you can use it to almost cars. You need not to buy the ball joint splitter for one car. Our products can be suitable for almost cars and light trucks.  The ball joint splitter is the good assistant for you to repair the tie road joint.