Bike carrier

1. This kind of bike carrier is working for bearing 3 bikes.
2. The capacity is 60 kgs.
3. Double insurance functions make the bike carrier working more secure.

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The bike carrier introduction:

The bike carrier description:161288-bike carrier
With the development of the society, the car becomes the common transportation means. For the almost family, they drive the car to go to work and drive the car go home or go to any other places. Since the car is so common, we can often see the traffic jam or the accidents in the road. Imagine meeting the traffic jam in the situation that you have some emergency, it is so bad. And the environment will also become very bad since so many cars. More and more people promote to go out without pollution at present. So the bike becomes the most popular transportation means. The bike carrier is a tool to carry the bike on the car. It is very convenient to carry the bike on the car by the bike carrier. When you are too tired to drive the car, you can stop to ride on a bicycle. When you meet the traffic jam, you can to stop the car in some place and to ride the bike. And when you drive to a beautiful place, you can also ride the bike to enjoy the scenery and get exercise at the same time. So the bike carrier can makes your life wonderful.

161288-2-bike carrierThe bike carrier features:
The capacity of our bike carrier is 60 kgs. It is working for bearing 3 bikes. You can carry 3 bikes on the car. It is convenient for the family. Every one can ride a bike. You have to install the bike carrier on 50 mm trailer ball. And our bike carriers have double insurance functions, thus it will makes the carrier working more secure. As for the structure, one is the structure of the bottom, screw the plastic nut until the steel circle locking the bowls fasten. The other is the structure of the bridge, the plastic box keep this product opening and straight warning. Lock strip must be insert the hole in the box. And the plastic tools on the arms are locking bodies of bikes. Even if car is dumping, bikes would never move any way. Do not be hesitate, it is a good partner for your tour.