bmw timing tool

1.6 Cooper (01-09)
1.6 Cooper S (02-09)
1.6 One (01-09)
Chrysier: PT Cruiser  (01-09)
Engine Codes: EJD
W10B16AA, W10B16BA, WZZB16BA

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The BMW Timing Tool Introduction:

BMW Timing Tool Description:160259-bmw-timing-tool

SKU: 160255
1.6 Cooper (01-09)
1.6 Cooper S (02-09)
1.6 One (01-09)
Chrysier: PT Cruiser  (01-09)
Engine Codes: EJD
W10B16AA, W10B16BA, WZZB16BA

SKU: 160256
a.Suitable for BMW models E60-E61-E63-E64
b.Suitable for BMW models E65-E66-E67-E81-E83-E85-E87-E90-E91-E92-E93
c.Suitable for BMW models E38-E39-E46-E53-E65-E66-E67-E81-E83-E85-E86-E87-E90-E91-E92-E93

SKU: 160257
160260-bmw-timing-tool118i E81/82/87/88 (04-12)
120i E81/82/87/88 (04-12)
316i/ti Compact E46 (01-07)
318i/ti Compact E46 (01-07)
318i E90/91/92/93 (05-12)
320i E90/91/92/93 (05-12)
520i E60/61 (07-10)
z4 2.0 e85/86 (04-09)
x1 sDrive 18i E84 (10-12)
x1 xDrive 18i E84 (10-12)
x3 2.0 E83 (05-10)
N42 / N46 / N46T: B18,B18A,B20,B20A,

SKU: 160258
116i E81/82/87/88 (04-09)
316i / ti Compact E46 (01-07)
316i E90/91/92/93 (05-10)
N40/N45/N45T: B16AC

SKU: 160259160261-bmw-timing-tool
a.For engine code: M41, M51, M47, M47 TU / T2, M57 TU / T2 2.0l/3.0l 1998-2008, 204D3/Td4, Td6, M47R
b.Contains important tools, e.g. for: camshaft assembling/disassembling, hydrualic chain tensioner assembling/disassembling, valve timing of camshafts
c.Fits following models: BMW: 1,3,5,6,7,X3,X5 (type series E34-36-38-39-66-83-90-91-92-93)
d.Landrover: Range, Freelander
e.Rover: 75, MG, MG ZT, Vauxhall / Opel: Omega-B

SKU: 160260
Suitable for following models:
128i, 130i, 135i-E81 / E82 / E87
323i,325i,328i,330i, 335i-E90 / E91 / E92 / E93
523i,525i,528i,530i-E60 / E61
535i,630i-E63 / E64
730i-E65 / E66
X3 2.5 / 3.0-E83
X5 3.0-E70
Z4 2.5 / 3.0-E85 / E86

160262-bmw-timing-toolSKU: 160261
a.For engine codes:
b.Fits following models:
BMW: 1, 3, 5, X3, Z4
(type series E87-46-60-85-83-90-91)

SKU: 160262
Applicable Models:
545 (2004-2005), 645Ci (2004-2005),
745i (2003-2005), 745Li (2003-2005),
Alpina B7 (2007-2008) and X5 (2004-2006).
550 (2006-2007), 550i (2008-2010),
650i (2006-2010), 750i (2006-2008),
750Li (2006-2008), and X5  (2007-2010).
760Li (2003-2008)and 760i (2005-2006)

Applicable: BMW, N42, N46, N46T



BMW Timing Tool Features :

SKU: 160256
1.Tool remains on the spring strut until all screwa are tightens,therefore no recalibration required.
2.Made of high quality aluminum.

SKU: 160263
Checking and adjustment of engine timing when installing and removal of camshaft timing unit.

BMW Timing Tool Advantages :

The bmw timing tool set is packaged in a plastic case. This convenient product placement and reduce the rate of loss the tools. And it through special processing, so it is more hardness and durable. We guarantee the quality of our products is good and the price is reasonable. If you place the order, we will give you  the lowest price.