Car ramp

Capacity: 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 3 ton, 1.2 ton
Product size: 83.5*18*27.5 cm, 94*26*26.5 cm, 70*19.5*8 cm, 91.5*31*21.5 cm

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The car ramp introduction:

The car ramp specifications:161294-car ramp

1. Capacity: 1 ton
2. Product size: 83.5*18*27.5 cm
3. N.W: 4.2 KGS
4. G.W: 27 KGS
5. Qty: 6 pcs/ctn
6. Meas: 100.5*33*48 cm

1. Capacity: 1.5 ton
2. Product size: 94*26*26.5 cm
3. N.W: 9 KGS
4. G.W: 19 KGS
5. Qty: 2 pcs/ctn
6. Meas: 102*32*30 cm
161296-car ramp
1. Capacity: 3 ton
2. Product size: 70*19.5*8 cm
3. N.W: 1.9 KGS
4. G.W: 4.5 KGS
5. Qty: 2 pcs/ctn
6. Meas: 72*23*13 cm

1. Capacity: 1.2 ton
2. Product size: 91.5*31*21.5 cm
3. N.W: 10 KGS
4. G.W: 11 KGS
5. Qty: 2 pcs/ctn
6. Meas: 93*33*25.5 cm

The car ramp description:

161297-car rampThe car ramp is a very useful tool for the car. When you need to change the oil of your car, you need not to go the car repairing shop specially if you have this kind of car ramp. You just need to drive the car on the car ramp. Then you can to change your oil by yourself. So it is also called the stand of oil change.  But, it does not mean it just need to be used in this situation. The car ramp is also to be used in many other cases. Before purchase the car ramp, you have to use the jack and jack stand to support the car when you need to repair the parts of the car which in the bottom of the car. But if you have the car ramp, you need not the jack stand to support the car. The car ramp also can be use as jack stand. Besides, the car ramp can be use to eliminate the hinder of the height difference between the step and the road. In a short word, it is very useful.

The car ramp features:
The car ramp of our company is very firm and durable. All of them are made of firm and high quality material. The abrasion that the ramp caused to car is very small. And it doesn’t has any noisy. In addition, the vibration reducing performance and the compression resistance of our products are very good. Besides, our car ramp also designed for the problem about water draining. It won’t has the problem of the hydrops. In order to improve the safety and efficiency of our products, we also designed the anti-skid groove for it. Thus it can prevent the slipping phenomenon in the rainy day or snowy day. And the car ramp is very convenient to carry.