Coil spring compressor

Length: 280 mm
Jaws capacity: 23 mm – 280 mm
Qth: 5 sets/ ctn
N.W: 16.5 kg
G.W: 17 kg
Material: Carbon steel

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Coil spring compressor Introduction:

Coil spring compressor specifications:160022-2-coil spring compressor

SKU: 160022
Length: 280 mm
Jaws capacity: 23 mm- 280 mm
Qty: 5 sets/ ctn
N.W: 16.5 KG
G.W: 17 KG

Coil spring compressor descriptions:
The spring compressor is a very important part of the cars. It can reduce the shock and help you to drive more comfortable. The coil spring compressor is a professional tool to help to install the spring compressor. Our coil spring compressor is made of high quality carbon steel. And the hook engage spring which can be compressed turning hex nut. But you have to notice many things when you operate it. Because compress springs is a very dangerous job.

First, please choose the high quality coil spring compressor to work with your springs and struts. It is very important. Because it is a very dangerous job, if the coil spring compressor can not press the spring and bounce back, it may kill you. The energy that compressed springs pack is tremendous. Second, please ensure the coil spring compressor you are using actually fits the springs you will be working with. Beside, in order to protect yourself, please wear heavy duty gloves, proper work clothing, work shoes and safety glasses. And please keep a compressed coil spring as far from your body as you can. In addition, you must make sure kids or other people that are unaware of the dangers stay back. And during the operation, you can not let the coil spring compressor just sit there for hours in a compressed state. Using a coil spring compressor should be done in a timely fashion. You have to compress a spring and keep it compressed only for as long as is needed to complete the job. Don’t just let it sit there for hours while compressed. And you should compress your springs only as much as needed for the job to be done, which could be simply replacing the strut. There’s no need to compress any further than is absolutely need. All that does is make the situation even more dangerous. The above mentioned is only some parts, before you use the coil spring compressor, please ask the professional person and read the instruction book carefully. If you don’t know how to use, please drive your car to the 4 S shops and let the professional person to help you.