Engine stand

1. Capacity: 750 lbs, 1000 lbs, 1250 lbs, 1500 lbs, 2000 lbs
2. Center height: 740 mm, 850 mm, 870 mm, 860 mm
3. G.W/N.W: Different engine stand has the different weight.
5. Package: Carton
6. Meas.: Depends on the capacity, N.W of the engine stand

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The engine stand introduction:

The engine stand specifications:161257-engine stand

1. Capacity: 1000 lbs
2. Center height: 740 mm
3. N.W: 20 KGS
4. G.W: 21 KGS
5. Package: Carton
6. Meas.: 860*185*185 cm

1. Capacity: 1500 lbs
2. Center height: 870 mm
3. N.W: 27 KGS
4. G.W: 28 KGS
5. Package: Carton
6. Meas.: 900*250*250 cm

161259-engine stand161261:
1. Capacity: 2000 lbs
2. Center height: 860 mm
3. N.W: 38 KGS
4. G.W: 39 KGS
5. Package: Carton
6. Meas.: 910*410*170 cm

The above mentioned engine stand is some parts of our products. If you would like to purchase the engine stand, please contact us. We are a leading export of engine stand. We will recommend the correct engine stand for you.

The engine stand features:
The engine stand is appliable in the car repairing factory and 4S shops. It used to repair the engine. As the picture, you can see that our engine stand is consists of many different parts. For example, 161261-engine standthe retroflexion support, the support base and so on.In  the picture, you can see that every product has different quantity of the wheels. So you can move it very easy and convenient. In addition, you can check the engine clearly through this kind of engine stand. Do you know how to use it ? First, you have to fix the engine on the retroflexion support. Then you can rotate the retroflexion support and repair the engine which need to be repaired after fix the engine. It is a very useful tool to help you to repair the engine. But there are also some things you have to notice. The engine stand must be checked in a regular time. If there are any questions, you have to repair it in time by the professional worker. And you have to maintain the products in the regular time. It means you have to fill the lubricant to the rotating parts and check the fastening screw. For your safety, please operate the engine stand according to the instruction book strictly.