engine timing tool

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1.Installing and removal of camshaft / variable camshaft timing unit.
2.Checking and adjustment of timing.

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The Engine Timing Tool Introduction:

Engine Timing Tool Description:1602781-engine-timing-tool

SKU: 160274
Petrol engine:Twin camshaft
engine: 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 16V, 2.5, 20V
Diesel engine:
1.9L/TD/dTi, 2.2D/TD, 2.5D, 2.8dTi, 1.5dCi,
1.9dCi, 2.2dCi, 2.5dCi

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camshaft/pump shaft
fuel injection pump shaft
belt pulley
tensioning of the timing belt

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Audi: A4, A6, A8, A11 yoad (97-04)
VW: PASSAT (98-04)
Engines codes: AFB, AKE, AKN, AYM, BAU, BAU, BCZ, BDG, BDH, BFC.

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e.g.on models:
Audi A3, A4, A6, A8, VW Passat, Golf, Sharan, Tiguan Ford Mondeo, S-Max, Galaxy, Transit Mercedes C, E, CLS, S, Clk, Slk, SL,
BMW 320,330, 520, 530 Alfa Romeo 147, 159, 166 Fiat Ulysse, Croma, Ducato Lancia Phedra, Thesis

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Supplied with 3 different sized expanding.

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New EDC Manual Transmission Timing Pin.
200 TDI 300 TDI & 2.5 Diesel engines.
Combubed Crankshaft Damper Puller
And Fuel Pump Gear Locking Tool.

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a.camshaft sprocket holding tool to be used as OEM 303-1097
b.tensioner pulley locking pin to be used as OEM 303-1054
160280-engine-timing-toolc.flywheel timing pin to be used as OEM 303-1059, 303-1270,0188X,999-7121
d.crankshaft timing pin to be used as OEM 303-748, 999-7152, 21-259
e.camshaft sprocket locking tool to be used as OEM 303-735,999-7122, 0187B, 0189B, 0132AJ1, 21-263, 0188M, MOT 1430, 303-1277, 0194B

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Spigot Adaptors:
φ15/23, φ15/28, φ15/34, φ21/23, φ20/23, φ14/15/20mm
Assembly Flywheel Threads:
φ6*1, φ7*1, φ8*1.25mm

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a.For damage-free removal and installation of the clutch hubs on these air conditioning compressors: GM-Harrison DA-6, HR-5, V-5, A-6, and early R4;
b.Nippondenso Ford/Chrysler A590, C171,FS-6, 6P148A (new style);
c.Sanden & Sankyo; York/Tecumseh HR980;
d.Zexel / Mitsubishi CH series.

Engine Timing Tool Features :160281-engine-timing-tool

SKU: 160274
1.Installing and removal of camshaft / variable camshaft timing unit.
2.Checking and adjustment of timing.

SKU: 160275
The Engine Timing Tool Set includes adjusting gauge for camshaft, crankshaft, pumpshaft
complete classification chart included
for e.g: 1.4ltr. + 1.6ltr 16V +1.7ltr. +1.8ltr.16V+2.0ltr.16V (also Zetec) -1.4lre.-1.6ltr.-1.8ltr.and 1.9 ltr.D/TD/TDCi

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This new kit of twelve tools is required for petrol and diesel engine service including timing belt replacement on recent models and also older 1.9D models from 1976.

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The Engine Timing Tool for fast and professional dis-assembly and assembly of SAC clutches-fits on nearly all SAC clutches with 3-and 4-hole pitch from VAG,MB,Opel Volvo,Renault etc.

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1.For easy alignment and installation on the workbench.
2.Suitable for front wheel drive vehicles.

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For replacing the cam belt on Ford Focus 1.6 TI-VCT engines, engine code HXDA (2003-2007) and 2.0 TDCI with engines codes G6DA, G6DB, G6DC 2003-2007

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1.Necessary for pre-tensioning self adjusting clutches before removal or installation.
2.Prevents plate distortion which may prevent the clutch from disengaging or cause dragging.
3.Features a refitting tool, allowing the clutch adjuster to be wound back, and six alignment adaptors.
4.Supplied in carry-case.

SKU: 160282
1.The Engine Timing Tool Set includes a removing flange, and plus forcing screws and adapter assemblies to remove and install virtually all virtually.
2.Includes blow-molded plastic case.