Foldable Shop Crane

The specification of different shop crane is different.
1. Capacity: 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton is optional.
2. Working range: 350-2000, 0-1960, 0-2150, 0-2300, 235-2500, 0-2350
3. Capacity pump: 5 ton, 8 ton, 12 ton can be choosed.
4. G.W: 73 KGS, 78 KGS, 82 KGS, 87 KGS and so on.
5. N.W: 72 KGS, 76 KGS, 80 KGS, 80 KGS and so on.
6. Meas: 1# 730*520*85 mm, 1460*700*80 mm, 650*570*85 mm and so on.
2# 1390*270*170 mm, 1250*270*160 mm, 1340*270*160 mm and so on.

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The shop crane introduction:

The shop crane specifications:161205-shop crane

1. Capacity: 1 ton
2. Working range: 350-2000
3. Capacity pump: 5 ton
4. G.W: 73 KGS
5. N.W: 72 KGS
6. Meas: 1# 730*520*85 mm
2# 1390*270*170 mm

1. Capacity: 2 ton
2. Working range: 0-1960
3. Capacity pump: 8 ton
4. G.W: 78 KGS
5. N.W: 76 KGS
6. Meas: 1# 1460*700*80 mm
2# 1250*270*160 mm

161206-shop crane161207:
1. Capacity: 2 ton
2. Working range: 0-1960
3. Capacity pump: 8 ton
4. G.W: 78 KGS
5. N.W: 76 KGS
6. Meas: 1# 650*570*85 mm
2# 1390*270*170 mm

The shop crane description:

The shop crane is widely used in the garage, car beauty shop, 4 S shops and so on. It means the application scope of the shop crane is very wide. You can use it to load and move the heavy object. And you can also use it to load the goods off. It also be used in the industry of car maintenance. The maintenance person can remove and install the engine under the help of the shop crane. It is necessary for the repair shops. Put simply, you can use the shop crane to move the heavy things. The shop crane can move the weight easily and flexibly. During the use of the shop crane, you must notice many things.

161207-shop craneNotice:
1. You have to bleed air. Because the air will enter into the hydraulic system during the transport and influence the normal use of shop crane.
2. The shop crane must not to lift the things which exceed the rated capacity. Otherwise, the cylinder will be damaged and caused dangerous.
3. While the shop crane moving the hanging bracket, you have to ensure the lifting objects is stable and fixation. And you have to try to decrease wobble value.

Our shop crane have the fold-out type and fixed type. The fold-out type can be folded when you need’t it. It is very convenient for you to put it.  You can choose the type according to your requirements.