Hand pop riveter

Type: Japanese type, European type, American type
Size: 10.5”, 9.5”
Quantity: 36 pcs/ctn, 40 pcs/ ctn
Packing size: Depends on the quantity, G.W, N.W of the products.

SKU: 161351, 161352, 161356, 161357 Category:


Hand pop riveter introduction:

Hand pop riveter specifications:161351-hand pop riveter

SKU: 161351
Type: Japanese  type
Size: 10.5”
Quantity: 36 pcs/ctn
G.W: 17.5 KG
N.W: 16.5 KG
Packing size: 47*36*26 cm

SKU: 161352
Type: Eupopean type
Size: 10.5”
Quantity: 36 pcs/ctn
G.W: 20.5 KG
N.W: 19.5 KG
Packing size: 47*36*26 cm

161352-hand pop riveterSKU: 161356
Type: European type
Size: 9.5”
Quantity: 40 pcs/ctn
G.W: 20 KG
N.W: 18 KG
Packing size: 46*33*30 cm

SKU: 161357
Type: American type
Size: 10.5”
Quantity: 40 pcs/ctn
G.W: 24.5 KG
N.W: 23.5 KG
Packing size: 53*37*30 cm

Hand pop riveter descriptions:
The above mentioned hand pop riveter can be divided into many types. Including the Japanese  type, European type, American type. Actually,  the function of them are the same. The function of all kinds of hand pop riveter is to rivet the work piece. As you can  see in  the picture, we have designed the snap joint for every hand pop riveter. You can put it down when you need to use the hand pop riveter. Of course, you can buckle the snap joint when you do not need use the hand pop riveter. It is so convenient for you to place the hand riveter. Besides, there are four sizes of guide nozzles in every hand pop riveter. Because the rivet has many different kinds of sizes. And you do not know which size you need  to  rivet. In this case, the hand pop riveter of our company will help your job become easier. You can change the guide nozzle to which you need. And you need not to worry the guide nozzle will lose. The all of guide nozzles are placed in the hand pop riveter. Even though there are many different types, all of them are made of high quality materials. And all of them are high in strength. If you need the high quality high strength hand pop riveter, please contact us. We will provide competitive price for our customers.