Hand pump grease gun

Size: 500 g, 120 g can be choosed.
Different products has different G.W and N.W.
The packing size depends on the package of the products.

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Hand pump grease gun introduction:

Hand pump grease gun specifications:hand pump grease gun

SKU: 161393
Size: 500 g
Quantity: 18 pcs per carton
G.W: 23.5 KG
N.W: 22.5 KG
Packing size: 40*39*39 cm

SKU: 161399
Size: 120 g
Quantity: 20 pcs per carton
G.W: 15 KG
N.W: 14 KG
Packing size: 47*28.5*28.5 cm

hand pump grease gunHand pump grease gun descriptions:

Hand pump is a kind of hand tool to fill grease for the machinery equipment. It is widely used in car repairing, pipeline maintenance, electrical maintenance and so on. Of course, the grease gun has many different kinds of types. It can be divided into hand pump grease gun, press bar type grease gun, kingbox grease gun, etc. The above mentioned grease gun it the hand pump type. This kind of hand pump grease gun also called portable grease gun. It consists of many parts. It consists of rear cover, oil nozzle, oil valve and so on. Compared with the other types of the grease gun, the hand pump grease gun can be carried very convenient. And it is easy to operate. You can fill the lubricating grease into the hand pump grease gun very easily and operate it easily.  The oil nozzle of our hand pump grease gun is the special designing. The oil will not return to the grease gun. Besides, the deadhead of the hand pump grease gun is compressed by high strength. Normally, the spearhead of the grease gun depends on the place where need to be lubricated. You need to use the iron gun to lubricate the parts where is spacious. As for the place where is convert, you can use the hand pump grease gun with flexible pipe. You should choose the grease gun according to your requirements in order to avoid any inconvenient. Different grease gun suitable to lubricate different places.