High quality stainless T12 knife files


-Good workmanship and fast cutting speed
-Abrasion hardness and high wear-ability
-Tartness and long tool life
-Handle is ergonomic design,can reduce fatigue

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The item is used to processing  plane surface,cylindrical surface,convex cambered surface and chamfering.It is made by high-carbon steel T12,and the handle is made by PP TPR,plastic.The cut is bastard,second,smooth.Also,there are many kinds of shapes you can choose,like flat,round,half-round,triangular,etc.

MaterialHigh-carbon steel T12
Handle materialPP TPR,plastic
Production detailsHang bag,sliding card,skin card

-Good workmanship and fast cutting speed.
-Abrasion hardness and high wear-ability.
-Tartness and long tool life.
-Handle is ergonomic design,can reduce fatigue.

Packing Details:
8Inch    Packing:400pcs/carton Carton:39x21x11(cm)
10Inch Packing:200pcs/carton Carton:28x25x13(cm)
12Inch Packing:120pcs/carton Carton:35x17x14(cm)
14Inch Packing:80pcs/carton    Carton:40x18x14(cm)

According to the customer’s need,we ship goods by air,sea and express.We pack the item inhang bag, sliding card,skin card.Also,we delivery the goods witnin 30-35 days after received the 30 percent deposit.