Hydraulic Bearing Puller

SKU: 161045
a.10 tonne Hydraulic Ram.
b.Separator 75-105 mm.
c.Bolt 5/8″.
d.Extension Rod 200 mm*4pc.
e.Cross Beam.

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The Hydraulic Bearing Puller Introduction:

Hydraulic Bearing Puller Description:160149-Hydraulic-Bearing-Puller

SKU: 160145
a.10tonne Hydraulic Ram.
b.Separator 75-105mm.
c.Bolt 5/8″.
d.Extension Rod 200mm*4pc.
e.Cross Beam.

SKU: 160146
a.10 ton Hydraulic Ram, 100 mm Leg;
b.3pc,150 mm Leg, 3pc, 200 mm Leg;
c.3pc,Twin Head, Triplr Head, Extension Rod;
d.25*50 mm*1pc, 25*100 mm*1pc, Main Rod;
e.200 mm*4pc, Beam;
f.Separator 75-105 mm, Bolt 5/8″, Ram Service Kit, Ram Nut.

SKU: 160147
a.10 tonne Hydraulic Ram.
b.Separator 120-150 mm.
c.Extension Rod 250 mm*4pc.
d.Cross Beam.

160150-Hydraulic-Bearing-PullerHydraulic Bearing Puller Features :

SKU: 160145
1.Cast puller yoke with forged separator.
2.10 tonne hydraulic ram interxhangeable with other units in the series.
3.Supplied with 75-105 mm bearing separator.
4.Maximum puller depth 420 mm.

SKU: 160146
1.Forged steel bearing separator.
2.10 ton Ram with enough force to remove most stubborn bearings, pulleys and shafts.
3.Packed in handraulic storage/carry-case.

SKU: 160147
1.Supplied with 10 tonne hydraulic ram.
2.Suitable for pulling commercial vehicle size bearings from 105-150 mm.
3.Hydraulic ram interxhangeable with other sets in the range.
4.Maximum depth 420 mm. Supplied in steel case.


SKU: 160148160151-Hydraulic-Bearing-Puller
1.Forged steel 2-way yoke allows twin or triple leg pulls.
2.10 ton Hydraulic power unit with tommy bar.
3.Suitable for pulling hubs, flanges, gears and bearings.
4.Supplied with 3*3 position puller arms and 3 sets of extension plates.
5.Maximum reach 250 mm.

SKU: 160149
1.Chromed, heat treated SAE1045 steel puller yoke with hydraulic ram.
2.Suitable for four and five stud hubs.
3.Hydraulic ram provides additional power to extract the most stubborn hubs.
4.Supplied in storage case.

SKU: 160151
1.Readily adjustable sliding legs to pull wheel hubs more quicker & easier where the bolt circle does not exceed 7-1/2″ (190.2 mm) also removers press-fit rear break drums.
2. Striking handle & puller screw included.
3. Special designed to use on most models of car.
4. Provides a straight pull, will not distort wheel lugs.
5. Striking wrench and puller screw included.

Hydraulic Bearing Puller Advantages :

The hydraulic bearing puller set is packaged in a plastic case. This convenient product placement and reduce the rate of loss the tools. It also has special safety device design to ensure worker operation. And it’s easier for users to operate. We have many types of  the Hydraulic Bearing Puller for you to choose from. Our products use on most models of car. If you place the order, we must give you  the lowest price.