Manual tire spreader

Applicable scope: For small tire
Adjustable hook
The operating platform can be turned to any place with ideal light during tire repairing.

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Manual tire spreader introduction:160568-manual tire spreader

Manual tire spreader descriptions:

With the development of the economic, there are more and more cars in our daily life. It is normal that the leakage of the tires. So there are also many different kinds of tire tools. Such as the tyre inflator, the tire changer. The above mentioned manual tire spreader is a tool to help the tire changer to repair the tires. The tire spreader can be divided into pneumatic tire spreader and manual tire spreader. This kind of spreader belongs to the manual type. It is suitable for the small tires. Every kinds of tire spreader has the applicable scope. Some tire spreader is specially designed for the large sized tires, some kinds of spreader is suitable for the medium sized tires. So it is important to buy the suitable tires spreader for the tires. And it also has a lot of features. In the manual tire spreader, the hook is used to fix and expand the tires. You can adjust the hook of this manual tire spreader according to the tire width for medium sized and small sized tire. Since the tires are one of the most important parts of the car, so repair the tyres well are very important to ensure the safety. During the repairing, you have to need a lot of light. The operating platform of this kind of manual tire spreader can be turned to any place with ideal light during tire repairing.
In a short word, it is a very convenient and helpful tool to help you to repair the tires. The manual tire spreader is high in quality, and we also provide competitive price for our customers. Please consider the size of your tires before you purchase the manual tire spreader to avoid any inconvenient.