pneumatic oil extractor

Capacity:10 L

Capacity:20 L

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The pneumatic oil extractor introduction:

The pneumatic oil extractor description:160132-pneumatic-oil-extractor

1.Capacity:10 L
2.Air pressure:1-2.5 BAR
3..The greatest pressure:3 BAR
4.Qty:1 piece
5.G.W/N.W:5.5/5 kg
6.Packing size:32*28.5*50 cm

1.Capacity: 20 L
2.Air pressure:1-2.5 BAR
3.The greatest pressure:3 BAR
4.Qty:1 piece
5.G.W/N.W:7.5/6.9 kg
6.Packing size:60*28.5*28.5 cm

The pneumatic Oil Extractor Superiority:

The pneumatic oil extractor is  used for conveying lube.It’s not subject to the restrictions of gas source lines, so you can move at 160133 will. This makes it more convenient for you to use.The oil extractor has a large capacity.So it can save time and improve efficiency. Its funnel is designed to be inverted triangle shape. It’s good for ensuring the tightness between the parts. Our oil storage tanks adopt international advanced welding technology. Welding technology are using argon arc welding and electric arc welding. The probability of leakage is almost 0. We believe that the product operation safety, environmental protection and low consume. Our products work more fine, so that the products are more durable.The product is widely used,it can be use in the automotive industry,industry, agriculture, construction and so on.Products have a choice of two colors, red or gray.The design of the oil tank is fashionable, no matter where it is, it is like a decoration.


  1. Please read instruction carefully before using the machine.
  2. The max volume of the tank can’t exceed the display position.
  3. The pressure of the air pump to reach the max when you pumping and speed must be fast.
  4. When you discharge the oil, 1-2 pressure is enough, can’t be too large.
  5. Regular inspection: joints, valves, welding and other parts of the leakage.
  6. This product trial: oil, water and other liquids. Mustn’t be use explosive  liquid.