Pneumatic tire expander

Working pressure: 0.8 – 1.0 MPa
Applicable scope: Below 12.00 tire


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Pneumatic tire expander introduction:

Pneumatic tire expander specifications:tire expander

SKU: 160567
Working pressure: 0.8 – 1.0 MPa
Applicable scope: Below 12.00 tire

Pneumatic tire expander descriptions:

The tire expander is the professional tool to repair the tires. It can be used together with the tire changer. And the tire expander can help you the reduce the the labour intensity. In a short word, the tire expander is the necessary tool for the automobile maintenance industry. During the operation, you have to notice the following things. First, please clear the sundries on the machine before you use it. And you have to check the machine does not have any problem. Second, you have to repair the tires after confirm the machine stop working. In addition, please realize the technical parameter of the machine clearly. Then use the correct machine to repair the suitable tires.

Tire spreader features:

The features of 160567: 

First, this kind of tire expander has a knob for air flow adjustment. You can set the air flow according to the tire size. Second, the foot operated pneumatic system allows the suspension at any place during expanding without air leaking all the 24 hours. In addition, the hook of the tire expander can be fixed at three different levels and be adjusted to fit the tire.

The features of 160569:
First, you can fix the hook into the proper mounting hole according to the tire size. And you can adjust the hook support height according to the tire size. Second, it has a  tool shelf. You can put the tools into the shelf and carry it convenient when you need to use the tools. Third, the illumination can also be adjusted according to the working place. Besides, the oil filter combination can make the lubrication function and prevent the water moisture in  the air go inside the air cylinder. And you can operate it very convenient with  the pneumatic foot valve.