Portable tire changer

161264 & 161265:
1. Base size: 15-3/x18-1/2”
2. Wheel Rest Plate: 7-1/2”*3/16”
3. N.W: 18 KGS, 29 KGS
4. G.W: 20 KGS, 30 KGS
5. Meas.: 97*22*19 cm, 96*31* 31 cm

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The portable tire changer introduction:

The portable tire changer specifications:161264-portable tire changer

1. Base size: 15-3/x18-1/2”
2. Wheel Rest Plate: 7-1/2”*3/16”
3. N.W: 18 KGS
4. G.W: 20 KGS
5. Meas.: 97*22*19 cm

1. Base size: /
2. Wheel Rest Plate: /
3. N.W: 29 KGS
4. G.W: 30 KGS
5. Meas.: 96*31*31 cm

The portable tire changer descirption:

161124-12-portable tire changerThe portable tire changer is a tool to peel the tires. Tire is one of the most important parts of the car. When you drive the car, the tires maybe sticked by sharp objects. And then the tires will flat tire so that the car can not be drived. In this situation, you must use the portable tire changer to peel the tires. This kind of portable tire changer can be operated very easily. It consists of many parts. For example,the post, the long and short leg, the threaded rod and so on. The crowbar of the portable tire changer is very long. You can use it to peer the tire very convenient. It can help you to save the much effort. You will not very tired after peer.The following operation picture is just for your reference. But you have to notice somethings before you use the portable tire changer.


161124-34-portable tire changerNotice:
1. Please release tire air pressure before using this tire changer. Otherwise, it may hurt the tire or cause any dangerous. So before you use it, you must release tire air pressure. It is very important.
2. Please always wear safety glasses.
3. To keep away from spectators.
4. Always wear ANSI approved safety goggles steel toed boots and protective gloves while operating the portable tire changer.
5. Please read operation manual before using tire changer.

In order to protect yourself and other people’s safety, please read the instruction book of portable tire changer carfully and obey the warning of it strictly. If there are any questions during the operation, please ask the professional people.