Rivet hand tool

1. Size: 17”, 18” is optional.
2. G.W and N.W: different products has different G.W and N.W
3. Dimensions: depends on the quantity of per carton.

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Rivet hand tool introduction:

Rivet hand tool specifications:161384-rivet hand tool

SKU: 161384
Size: 17”
Quantity: 20 pcs per carton
G.W: 18 KG
N.W: 16 KG
Packing size: 44.5*40.5*26 cm

SKU: 161385
Size: 17”
Quantity: 20 pcs per carton
G.W: 20.5 KG
N.W: 19.5 KG
Packing size: 45*42.5*27 cm

SKU: 161386
Size: 18”
Quantity: 20 pcs per carton
rivet hand toolG.W: 20 KG
N.W: 18 KG
Packing size: 47.5*42.5*26 cm

Rivet hand tool descriptions:

As we all know, the rivet hand tools are used to rivet the materials together. The above mentioned rivet hand tool are some kinds of hand riveters. They are power supporting type hand riveters. From the picture, we can see there are strong spring for the above rivet hand tools.  Thus you can operate the hand tools with less effort. The strong spring will help you to save the effort if you use this kind of power supporting rivet hand tools. So from the picture, we can see the most important advantage is save the effort. Beside, the handle of the rivet hand tool can prevent the slip. The non slip cushioned handle can help you to work more comfortable. The above mentioned two advantages are the most important advantages for these power supporting rivet hand tool. Different hand riveter had different advantages. But the function of these riveters are the same. You have to choose the hand rivet tool according to your requirements. As the materials, maybe they are made of different materials. But all of these are high in quality and high in strength. You need not to worry about the quality of our products. You can use the hand rivet tool to rivet the work piece accuracy and fast. And it do not have any noise when the hand rivet tool be operated. It also will not damage the work piece.