Tyre vulcanizing

Voltage: 220 V
Power: 0.8 KW
Vulcanizing temperature: Auto controlled
Applicable range: From 7.50 to 10.00-20 tires.

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Tyre vulcanizing introduction:

Tyre vulcanizing specifications: 16056-tyre vulcanizing

SKU: 160560
1. The supply voltage is 220 V.
2. The power is 0.8 KW.
3. The vulcanizing temperature is auto controlled.
4. The applicable range is the tires from 7.50 to 10.00-20.

Tyre vulcanizing description:
This kind of tyre vulcanizing machine is almost used in tire shops, auto parts factory and 4 S shops. The tyre vulcanizing machine is suitable for the tires which size is 7.50 – 16 and 10.0 – 20. This kind of tyre vulcanizing machine belongs to the overturn type. So you can learn from the name, this machine can be overturned. You can use the machine to vulcanize any parts of the tires. And you can choose to vulcanize the single surface or double surfaces. And it can maintain constant temperature automatically to ensure the temperature required during tire vulcanization. The machine can be used to repair the different parts of the different tires. You just need to raise, lower, or overturn the operating bracket to vulcanize the tires. Besides, it is equipped with five moulds in different angle and a purpose made heat conduct sand bag. It can ensure the repaired tire more conforms to the normal condition. The construction of the tyre vulcanizing  is reasonable. The function of it is also completely. As for the quality of repairing, it is very good. The reasonable construction and the completely function can ensure the high quality repairing to you. It can help you to work in high efficiency. After the vulcanization of the tires, the structure does not deform. You can drive the car smooth and safe. It won’t affect the sense of balance. The voltage of this vulcanizing machine is 220 V. The vulcanizing temperature is auto controlled. You need not the adjust by yourself. The operation of it is so easy and convenient.